Welcome to Naruto – sushi and more

where the interaction of passion, enjoyment and magic gives you an unforgettable stay.

We only process traditionally fresh and high-quality ingredients. Therefore you can enjoy our delicious sushi creations or one of the versatile Asian dishes without worry.


Without it, there would be no Naruto – sushi and more. Inspired by his travels to Asia and his many years of experience in the Asian cuisine, sushi-chef Minh Nguyen Chau set up in business in Kempten. He wants to share his passion for sushi and the wide variety of food with all the people in his surroundings.


Already from the first day, the Naruto stands for pleasure. The full commitment to take the best out of the ingredients and the sheer concentration on the taste makes every dish to a special treat.


What makes the Naruto – sushi and more so special? A passionate team combined with a relaxed atmosphere in the Forum Allgäu ensures that you can escape the hectic pace of the daily life for a moment.