What is sushi?

Sushi is not just raw fish, it is more than the fish with fermented rice. It is a versatile delicacy and divided into different categories. Besides fish, you can also use raw seafood, dried and roasted seaweed also known for as „Nori”, egg, vegetables and different tofu variations. Sashimi instead is thinly sliced raw meat – usually fish or seafood. Thereby the freshness of the fish is most important. It is processed only a few moments before served to minimize the spread of the bacteria. This Japanese dish has become indispensable in today’s modern time. Highly favored is the so-called Nigiri-Sushi:

Consisting of an oblong mound of sushi rice that the chef presses between the palm of his hands to form an oval-shaped ball, and a topping like fish, omelet or seafood draped over the ball. Sushi is surprisingly very filling and suitable as a full meal or as a snack for in-between meals and ideal as finger food for parties.



The Sushi as we know of today did not originate from Japan but China. The method to make fish durable for a long time was to clean it, salt it and put it with cooked rice in a jar. Thus, it was enjoyable for a long period of time and before consuming you would dispose of the sour rice. This method of fermentation spreads in many regions of China and then in the 17th Century finally in Japan. Vinegar began to be added to the rice and no fermentation was needed anymore. But it took almost over 100 years until the sushi that we know of today took form in Edo the today’s Tokyo.There were more and more new creations and variations of sushi over the following years. The most well-known creation of the western world is the „California Roll”.


The best way to eat sushi

There is no right or wrong because everyone can decide for themselves how to eat it. But sushi is served ready for consumption. Hence, no seasoning is necessary and sushi is therefore eaten in Japan with your hands directly. The consumption with the chopsticks is more popular in the western countries and make it rather difficult for the sushi chefs. Those sushi bites have to be more sturdy so they cannot fall apart so easily.

There are no fixed sequences for the variety of sushi creations. Enjoy what you like the most. Between the bites, you should eat some preserved ginger. It helps to neutralize the taste so you can enjoy your next sushi bite with the variety of flavors to its fullest.